Monday, December 29, 2008



I am oh so very excited for Matisyahu at Williamsburg Music Hall tonight. You have no idea. Tonight is the second to last show of his Festival of lights tour, that includes 4 shows at webster hall + 4 shows at williamsburg music hall. I love wmh, its a great venue. I was there a few months ago for atmosphere + abstract rude, and a girl was flashing them from the second level balcony, great venue, nuff said. Oh and the sound systems good too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Auntie Anya

anya hindmarch anya hindmarch anya hindmarch
anya hindmarch anya hindmarch anya hindmarch
Can you guess which bags are Anya Hindmarch for Target & which are Anya Hindmarch?

Another "friends and family" sale has arrived in my inbox. And this time I have been personally invited by my dear Auntie Anya Hindmarch. Haha, I kid. This whole "friends & family" thing is such a joke. But I did receive an email inviting me to preview the warehouse moving sale this upcoming Monday 11/17. Here's the deal, you have to go to the sale website and register in order to enter the sale at their showroom. From my past experiences with Anya, she clearly loves to make her shoppers register for sale events; i.e. for the "I'm not a plastic bag" craze you had to register to even have the chance to try to purchase one of these totes online. Exclusivity should be her middle name. Anya "Exclusivity" Hindmarch. That has a nice ring.

I really like her line for Target but before I make any rash purchases I want to check out this sale Monday to see what the price differences are; target anya vs warehouse anya. Quality wise no comparison can be made between amazingly soft calf leather with naplack detailing and vinyl, but when it comes to style the're very similar & the anya for target is just as cute. The only downside to her target line is that it says "for target" on the exterior of the bags... that was just unnecessary!

key: top row is her line for target; and bottom is her designer line. The shine of the target line kind of gives it away!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Am I Chloe's friend and family?


November really is the best shopping month in NY. Not only are Barneys, Bloomies, and Saks having amazing sales, but there's also a designer sample sale almost every day of the week. Could a girl ask for more? YEESS....But she doesn't have to bc there's always "Friends and family". And thanks to Lila Delilah at Madison Ave Spy , I'm "friends and family" more often.

So I'll be at the Chloe sale tonight with all my fellow friends n family. I will be sure to let you know how it goes. For more info.

The Lucky shops sale (sponsored by Lucky Mag) that I mentioned last week was an overwhelming disaster. Its partially my fault because it started at 10 am and I got there at 4 (work always gets in the way of my There were just way too many people and the designer booths were teeny tiny. I couldn't be bothered fighting for the already picked over goods, so I walked away with only a pair of black leggings from Clu & 2 jersey layering tops from Twinkle by Wenlan. I know, pathetic...but when in doubt I go for the basics. My disappointment was soon reconciled by free gelato and full size giveaways from Garnier's new face product line, turning my frown upside down!
UPDATE 11/14/08: I went last night, mostly clothes, 60-85% reductions, obvi still expensive, my mom got a beautiful leather bag for $500 (pictures and plans for me borrowing it to follow), go early or theres a chance you won't get in, they randomly put out a few bags and shoes at a time (beware of pouncers).... Take it or leave it? Leave it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008



Even though I am going to Lucky shops sale this Friday, I could not bare the thought of missing another Tibi sample sale (I went to a gallery opening instead of the spring/summer sale... bad idea bc i was super jealous of my friend's amazingg finds). I am actually wearing the black crochet dress i bought (pic above) with a pair of super mod sigerson morrison mauve/ barney purple tall boots.

Also had to have this red silk blouse

Everything at the sale was 60-75% off retail and from the pre-fall & fall 2008 collection. Saks has some of the same pieces on sale now, but alot are still full price. Weird. Mostly everything from Tibi's pre-fall & fall 2008 look book was at the sale.

Tibi is one of my favorite designers, I love every pattern Amy Smilovic designs/uses. That is why I was surprised when I looked at Tibi's look book. Its kind of ridiculous. Tibi can definitely afford a model that knows how to do more than put her hands on her hips. Or is this look they were going for and i just don't get it? let me know what you think.

Anyway, be sure to check out the sale before its over on friday

days & time: Thursday 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Friday 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
location: Penthouse 15, 336 W. 37th St., btwn Eighth & Ninth Aves., 15th fl (212-966-3773)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Barista: what can I get you?
Me: tall coffee please
(I hand money to barista)
Barista: this ones on the house
(I look down to make sure my top isn't undone, and then look back at barista puzzled)
Barista: all tall coffees are on the house today to encourage people to vote
Me: Oh why didnt you say that to begin with, thanks
Free Election day coffees at Starbucks today!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Storming through Halloween

cred: Karl Lagerfield Spring 2009

I dressed as a tornado friday night. And for some reason still wasn't able to twist my way downtown in time to make the village halloween parade; but I definitely brought the storm to gramercy twirling and making wind sound effects at everyone who dare ask what I was and why there were barn yard animals and miniature cars dangling from my frock. I had the tornado from the film Twister more on my mind than that of the The Wizard of Oz, if you were wondering.

My motivation for an original costume always involves the parade, but for some reason the past two years I have missed it and that makes me really sad. So sad that I had to do brunch on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. It was my first time going to both of these lower east side brunch spots and I most definitely recommend them. Ok, here it is, my first "brunch review":

145 Avenue C (Northwest corner of 9th street)

On Saturday, after serious halloween celebrating/ tornado spinning the previous night, I was in serious need of an amazing breakfast. The first idea was an unlimited mimosa brunch, but the wait at Sunburnt Cow was an hour & a half and down the block was a cute place with outside seating and amazing looking food with only a 20 minute wait. Esperanto's brunch is only $10 including coffee and a choice of mimosa, bloody mary, or screwdriver. I had a mimosa (clearly) and the huevos rancheros. Everything was delicious, especially the home fries or as they called them 'home potatoes'....they had spicy seasoning and were perfectly crispy. I definitely recommend this place. I hope you like it, but if you don't I really wont feel that bad because its only $10 for food + a drink, and you cant beat that.

while you wait: Pick up a coffee at Ninth Street Espresso and wander into the beautifully maintained community park across the street

The Smith
55 Third Avenue (between 10th & 11th streets)

Quick Sunday breakfast at a diner turned into brunch at the Smith. Luckily for me my friend tricked me into thinking it was like a diner; I mean I guess she has only been to really amazing diners because if the smith can even be categorized as a diner then its a really F-ing good diner. If you chose a brunch item, it also includes a "morning" cocktail in the price. My friend and I both had to try the passion punch which was described as a passion fruit mojito. Delicious. I had the poached eggs potato waffle with spinach and caramelized onions. I am not even going to entertain the thought of explaining a potato waffle to you; You can figure that one out on your own.

while you wait: have a blood orange mimosa at the bar, be sure to over tip the extremely hansom bartender, he deserves it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Be my friend!

Why she's chill: Doesnt leave home without her Patricia Fields hand cuff necklace
Breaking and entering

4 am neat freak!

Cant wait/ care to get home to drunk dial on her own bed

Eats food that has wayyyy more salt than the recommended daily intake

Holding the cutest puppy ever and flashing cute "love + peace" bangles
(all photos from

Who is this girl? Every time I see Cobra snake pics of her I get so jealous (and happy) because its quite clear that every time she goes out a guy holding a boom box is following her around while playing Cyndi Lauper "Girls just want to have fun" on repeat (well maybe not a song that dated but i felt the exaggeration was necessary)

Am I just retarded and is she a famous model of some sorts? She definitely should be... all her pictures make me smile, especially the ramen noodle ones... every pic is so real, so beautiful and most of all she doesn't give a F. If my friends had a professional photographer following them the pictures would probably look very similar to these (except with blur censors for nudity), I guess that's partially why I'm obsessed....I need to get a friend that just happens to be a professional photographer...stat!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Reality Check

So I haven't posted all week long, probably not the best idea seeing that I just started blogging, but hey whose out there reading this anyway? If you are reading this and you missed me, I'm sorry. I have some really cool pics from fashion week to make up for it though, or so i think. Now that I am working full time, I could only get to the tent after 6 :( but i did get to go to Miss Sixty, Pamella Roland, Milly, and Custo Barcelona.

Even though these shows were amazing, the best time I had all week was sitting on the south side of Bryant park for an hour waiting for my friend to meet me (i guess he was having a bad hair day). I watched the models play and take drags of their cigarettes while letting their curlers set; Wondered how the photographers/ paparaz don't feel self conscious- or weird running to or interrupting people for pictures; Stared and took video as the entire Zac Posen spring 2009 runway collection rolled past me into the tent (video soon to be posted).

I don't know why, but I find myself hesitating to ask people for photos of their shoes or clothes. From all the fabulous shoes I saw this week, I had the courage to get a photo of only one pair! And here they are....Steve Madden, I had no idea.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New York Fashion Week "tickets"

Photo Cred: W Magazine- Summer Camp

Since the creation of all that is fashion week, I thought it was fact and common knowledge that you cannot buy your way into a fashion show (well at least not in public) and especially not on the internet. I found this today. Since when does the W Hotel have a fashion week package????? apparently from the site in the link above, "the packages have hit the internet once again". AGAIN? when did this happen before.

Ok, transcending my initial shock, this is an amazing deal (well actually only for the die hard fashion lover whose life would not be complete without a visit to the tent). It's called the Catwalk Package, and for a measly $899 you stay in the fantastic suite with a 3 pm late check out, sip 2 stylish cocktails, receive 2 seats at MBFW with vip tours, a Bliss treatment mask; and if that's not enough, 10% of your vip catwalk proceeds benefit Dress for Success ( see more at W Hotel). Shows available this season through the "Catwalk Experience" include: Perry Ellis, Lacoste, Rock & Republic, Tracey Reese, Harve Leger by Max Azria, Tibi, Miss Sixty, Diesel Black Gold, Nanette Lepore, and Custo Barcelona. Every single last show has been sold out, but maybe you could book now for Fall/ Winter 09 in February. This could be the ultimate splurge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doctor made magic water... wait, what?

After reading the 4+ page FUNCTION beverage spread in NY Mag, I had to try one of these supposed gems. Last Thursday, I was dragging my feet across town from the Intermix warehouse sale on 19th and 6th ave to the 4 train in union desperate need of a pick me up I reached for the function: ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. Two words: really yummy. I wasn't exactly red bull energised, but it def added the needed pep to my step without the red bull crash 1.5 hours later. The alt. energy tasted even better than vitamin water (noted I haven't been able to drink v. water after a day/ night long binge of 4 v. waters in a row... what was i thinking?). I just wish they sold these in the local corner bodega.

My favourite thing about this brand is that they started making drinks specifically to cure hangovers (urban detox) and the "created by physicians" logo on every bottle that makes everyone feel no guilt while drinking function.

function drinks: a possible sponsor for NY Fashion week? one could only dream

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Excuse me, did someone say "Sexy eel legs"

Must have for fall. I already have the same exact style leggings with the heel cut-out stirrup from fcuk...and now i need these Kova & T Oxy latex ones. I wonder if those with latex allergies need to steer clear of these sexy gems also known as hot pants? that would be unfortunate. Kova & T is in People Extra- style watch section this month, but the pants featured are the same minus the heel cut-outs. I really love the way cut-out heel/ stirrups, whatever they are, look with heels and especially gladiator wedges.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome to the Tent

Last week, IMG Fashion sent an email/ press release announcing who will be showing this season at Bryant Park. In addition to the tent veterans, there is a list of debuting designers including Michael Angel, Charlotte Ronson, Andy & Debb, Thuy, Sergio Davila, Leifsdottir, Aurelio Costarella and Zheng Luo.

I can't help but imagine Lohan and the other Ronson sister front row holding hands. Charlotte Ronson is officially a must see show of the season... hopefully her spring 09 collection can compete. I love all that is Andy and Debb and cannot wait!

Bryant Park: Calm before the storm

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alexander Wang goes to the outlet

photos from spring/summer 2008 look book

This Sunday I took a long needed trip to Woodbury Commons, the mecca of outlets. FYI, never ever ever go on a sunday, unless if its an emergency. luckily it wasn't that picked over, and my fav outlet stores weren't packed: off saks, barneys, & theory. In all the sunday madness, I found the Alexander Wang spring/summer 08 collection at Barney's outlet completely untouched! Amazinggggg! And it gets better, everything was priced from $60 to $250.

Sadly, I couldn't get any Wang because they were about to close for the day. Saturday I have a graduation party 20 minutes from the outlets and am very tempted to go back if my wallet gives me the ok. The great thing about Wang's collection is you can definitely wear most of the pieces through the seasons. Hopefully they will still have the black pleated skirt with suspenders (top photo).