Friday, September 12, 2008

Reality Check

So I haven't posted all week long, probably not the best idea seeing that I just started blogging, but hey whose out there reading this anyway? If you are reading this and you missed me, I'm sorry. I have some really cool pics from fashion week to make up for it though, or so i think. Now that I am working full time, I could only get to the tent after 6 :( but i did get to go to Miss Sixty, Pamella Roland, Milly, and Custo Barcelona.

Even though these shows were amazing, the best time I had all week was sitting on the south side of Bryant park for an hour waiting for my friend to meet me (i guess he was having a bad hair day). I watched the models play and take drags of their cigarettes while letting their curlers set; Wondered how the photographers/ paparaz don't feel self conscious- or weird running to or interrupting people for pictures; Stared and took video as the entire Zac Posen spring 2009 runway collection rolled past me into the tent (video soon to be posted).

I don't know why, but I find myself hesitating to ask people for photos of their shoes or clothes. From all the fabulous shoes I saw this week, I had the courage to get a photo of only one pair! And here they are....Steve Madden, I had no idea.

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Gala said...

thanks for following! love the purple shoes