Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doctor made magic water... wait, what?

After reading the 4+ page FUNCTION beverage spread in NY Mag, I had to try one of these supposed gems. Last Thursday, I was dragging my feet across town from the Intermix warehouse sale on 19th and 6th ave to the 4 train in union desperate need of a pick me up I reached for the function: ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. Two words: really yummy. I wasn't exactly red bull energised, but it def added the needed pep to my step without the red bull crash 1.5 hours later. The alt. energy tasted even better than vitamin water (noted I haven't been able to drink v. water after a day/ night long binge of 4 v. waters in a row... what was i thinking?). I just wish they sold these in the local corner bodega.

My favourite thing about this brand is that they started making drinks specifically to cure hangovers (urban detox) and the "created by physicians" logo on every bottle that makes everyone feel no guilt while drinking function.

function drinks: a possible sponsor for NY Fashion week? one could only dream

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