Thursday, November 13, 2008

Am I Chloe's friend and family?


November really is the best shopping month in NY. Not only are Barneys, Bloomies, and Saks having amazing sales, but there's also a designer sample sale almost every day of the week. Could a girl ask for more? YEESS....But she doesn't have to bc there's always "Friends and family". And thanks to Lila Delilah at Madison Ave Spy , I'm "friends and family" more often.

So I'll be at the Chloe sale tonight with all my fellow friends n family. I will be sure to let you know how it goes. For more info.

The Lucky shops sale (sponsored by Lucky Mag) that I mentioned last week was an overwhelming disaster. Its partially my fault because it started at 10 am and I got there at 4 (work always gets in the way of my There were just way too many people and the designer booths were teeny tiny. I couldn't be bothered fighting for the already picked over goods, so I walked away with only a pair of black leggings from Clu & 2 jersey layering tops from Twinkle by Wenlan. I know, pathetic...but when in doubt I go for the basics. My disappointment was soon reconciled by free gelato and full size giveaways from Garnier's new face product line, turning my frown upside down!
UPDATE 11/14/08: I went last night, mostly clothes, 60-85% reductions, obvi still expensive, my mom got a beautiful leather bag for $500 (pictures and plans for me borrowing it to follow), go early or theres a chance you won't get in, they randomly put out a few bags and shoes at a time (beware of pouncers).... Take it or leave it? Leave it.


Zanita said...

i wanna be chloes friends and family!!!
You're blog is definately a winner, im going to post a link for you too
zanita x

Ashton said...

ur a nut. i'm your, don't tell tessa. invite me....the palace tonight? notice how i tried to make that sound classier than what i actually means....sneaky.

ryder said...

chloe!!! i love it. friends and family of course.