Sunday, September 21, 2008

Be my friend!

Why she's chill: Doesnt leave home without her Patricia Fields hand cuff necklace
Breaking and entering

4 am neat freak!

Cant wait/ care to get home to drunk dial on her own bed

Eats food that has wayyyy more salt than the recommended daily intake

Holding the cutest puppy ever and flashing cute "love + peace" bangles
(all photos from

Who is this girl? Every time I see Cobra snake pics of her I get so jealous (and happy) because its quite clear that every time she goes out a guy holding a boom box is following her around while playing Cyndi Lauper "Girls just want to have fun" on repeat (well maybe not a song that dated but i felt the exaggeration was necessary)

Am I just retarded and is she a famous model of some sorts? She definitely should be... all her pictures make me smile, especially the ramen noodle ones... every pic is so real, so beautiful and most of all she doesn't give a F. If my friends had a professional photographer following them the pictures would probably look very similar to these (except with blur censors for nudity), I guess that's partially why I'm obsessed....I need to get a friend that just happens to be a professional photographer...stat!


Zanita said...

Hey this girl is Tallulah Morton, shes an australian model, Ive worked with her a bit. Shes so fun, has an incredible personality... walked a bunch of shows this SS09, Emmanual Ungaro star. Thinks shes about 16-17 but i cant be sure. Amazing look, total star.
Thanks for your support on my blog! Such a great morning this morning when i find i have my first follower who isnt my best friend!
zanita :)

vogue said...

oh yes i did an exclusive interview with her too if you track back in my blog..shes crazy but an awseome chick. she is turning 17 this week i think? she was discovered when she was 13! definately a natural beauty, she's from syd where i live! she had a blog for a while but she has deleted it, her name is Tallulah Morton xx