Monday, February 23, 2009

Milly by Michelle Smith NYFW Fall 2009

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Textures, Patterns, and Materials Oh My! I couldn't help but post 6 (rather than 3 ) of my favourite looks from this show. I always love Milly's designs and how Michelle Smith uses that certain something to tie each and every runway look together in her collections. This Fall 2009 collection is in true New York style and I expect to be seeing many of these pieces walking the streets of Manhattan this fall.


On a side note, I wasn't even supposed to be at this show. At 5 pm the day of, I received a frantic call from my friend Samantha seeing if I could come with in place of her friend Steven who was bogged down at work. Lucky for me I had tentative plans that evening and was able to quickly  scoot my butt down 42nd street and over to the Tent. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pamella Roland FALL 2009


Above are my top 3 from the Pamella Roland Fall 2009 runway collection. Believe me, these photos do not even come close to doing these pieces justice. The purple mink is heavenly. If it were mine I would live in it or probably move somewhere that doesn't have summer months just so I could always sport it.

laughing paris paris n nikki texting

I don't intend for nystanding to ever be in any form a celeb gossip site, but I am a serious people watcher (more like people starer), so it is only natural for me to comment on Paris front row. This was my first Paris siting, to my memory, and she is exactly how I expected her to be in person: always laughing, always texting, always flipping her hair, always pursing her lips with 1/4" of her mouth open, and always fabulous. Well done Paris... Please feel free to check out these Paris Getty Images if you are curious to see how many times one can strike a pose in under an hour.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bloglovin' ... Be easy

bc all the cool kids are doing it


Today is the 4th day of NY Fall 2009 Fashion Week and I have yet to visit a runway show. It's something about this year and point in time, that I am finding myself disinterested in the hype. Don't get me wrong I will definitely dive into the abyss that is NYFW by tomorrow the latest or possibly even tonight for the Tracey Reese after party at greenhouse , But until then consider me golden sitting in front of the tele with eyes glued to Videofashion daily on NYCTV.


+ side of Videofashion daily
you can actually hear the backstage designer interviews
up close camera shots of material colors and textures
runway makeup & hair tips/tutorials
access to new designer collections and designer insights
editor interviews
model interviews (I love to see Lara Stone speak. She is the definition of bad ass fabulous)

lara stone paris vogue