Sunday, September 21, 2008

Be my friend!

Why she's chill: Doesnt leave home without her Patricia Fields hand cuff necklace
Breaking and entering

4 am neat freak!

Cant wait/ care to get home to drunk dial on her own bed

Eats food that has wayyyy more salt than the recommended daily intake

Holding the cutest puppy ever and flashing cute "love + peace" bangles
(all photos from

Who is this girl? Every time I see Cobra snake pics of her I get so jealous (and happy) because its quite clear that every time she goes out a guy holding a boom box is following her around while playing Cyndi Lauper "Girls just want to have fun" on repeat (well maybe not a song that dated but i felt the exaggeration was necessary)

Am I just retarded and is she a famous model of some sorts? She definitely should be... all her pictures make me smile, especially the ramen noodle ones... every pic is so real, so beautiful and most of all she doesn't give a F. If my friends had a professional photographer following them the pictures would probably look very similar to these (except with blur censors for nudity), I guess that's partially why I'm obsessed....I need to get a friend that just happens to be a professional photographer...stat!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Reality Check

So I haven't posted all week long, probably not the best idea seeing that I just started blogging, but hey whose out there reading this anyway? If you are reading this and you missed me, I'm sorry. I have some really cool pics from fashion week to make up for it though, or so i think. Now that I am working full time, I could only get to the tent after 6 :( but i did get to go to Miss Sixty, Pamella Roland, Milly, and Custo Barcelona.

Even though these shows were amazing, the best time I had all week was sitting on the south side of Bryant park for an hour waiting for my friend to meet me (i guess he was having a bad hair day). I watched the models play and take drags of their cigarettes while letting their curlers set; Wondered how the photographers/ paparaz don't feel self conscious- or weird running to or interrupting people for pictures; Stared and took video as the entire Zac Posen spring 2009 runway collection rolled past me into the tent (video soon to be posted).

I don't know why, but I find myself hesitating to ask people for photos of their shoes or clothes. From all the fabulous shoes I saw this week, I had the courage to get a photo of only one pair! And here they are....Steve Madden, I had no idea.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New York Fashion Week "tickets"

Photo Cred: W Magazine- Summer Camp

Since the creation of all that is fashion week, I thought it was fact and common knowledge that you cannot buy your way into a fashion show (well at least not in public) and especially not on the internet. I found this today. Since when does the W Hotel have a fashion week package????? apparently from the site in the link above, "the packages have hit the internet once again". AGAIN? when did this happen before.

Ok, transcending my initial shock, this is an amazing deal (well actually only for the die hard fashion lover whose life would not be complete without a visit to the tent). It's called the Catwalk Package, and for a measly $899 you stay in the fantastic suite with a 3 pm late check out, sip 2 stylish cocktails, receive 2 seats at MBFW with vip tours, a Bliss treatment mask; and if that's not enough, 10% of your vip catwalk proceeds benefit Dress for Success ( see more at W Hotel). Shows available this season through the "Catwalk Experience" include: Perry Ellis, Lacoste, Rock & Republic, Tracey Reese, Harve Leger by Max Azria, Tibi, Miss Sixty, Diesel Black Gold, Nanette Lepore, and Custo Barcelona. Every single last show has been sold out, but maybe you could book now for Fall/ Winter 09 in February. This could be the ultimate splurge.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Doctor made magic water... wait, what?

After reading the 4+ page FUNCTION beverage spread in NY Mag, I had to try one of these supposed gems. Last Thursday, I was dragging my feet across town from the Intermix warehouse sale on 19th and 6th ave to the 4 train in union desperate need of a pick me up I reached for the function: ALTERNATIVE ENERGY. Two words: really yummy. I wasn't exactly red bull energised, but it def added the needed pep to my step without the red bull crash 1.5 hours later. The alt. energy tasted even better than vitamin water (noted I haven't been able to drink v. water after a day/ night long binge of 4 v. waters in a row... what was i thinking?). I just wish they sold these in the local corner bodega.

My favourite thing about this brand is that they started making drinks specifically to cure hangovers (urban detox) and the "created by physicians" logo on every bottle that makes everyone feel no guilt while drinking function.

function drinks: a possible sponsor for NY Fashion week? one could only dream