Thursday, August 28, 2008

Excuse me, did someone say "Sexy eel legs"

Must have for fall. I already have the same exact style leggings with the heel cut-out stirrup from fcuk...and now i need these Kova & T Oxy latex ones. I wonder if those with latex allergies need to steer clear of these sexy gems also known as hot pants? that would be unfortunate. Kova & T is in People Extra- style watch section this month, but the pants featured are the same minus the heel cut-outs. I really love the way cut-out heel/ stirrups, whatever they are, look with heels and especially gladiator wedges.


Richel said...

those leggings look awesome. If only I could actually pull them off!

Mollie said...

I just got a pair from American Apparel and they are amazing......... I suggest everyone go out and buy a pair. love u lil rissa baby.